Sunday, February 5, 2012

Point - A Cold Wax Painting

Artists have many choices of mediums or additives to change the way paint is manipulated and the way it appears when dry.  One choice I discovered recently is Dolands Cold Wax.  It is basically a wax product that can be used for abstraction and impasto effects.  It also leaves the finished painting with a beautiful matte finish.  When totally dry, it can be rubbed with a soft cloth to add a sheen.

The attached painting, Point, is done totally with cold wax medium, oil paints and a palette knife.  The strokes are buttery soft.  The medium also allows for gradual value changes.  I did three paintings with the wax before I got the hang of it.  I hope you enjoy seeing this unique medium at work.

8 x 10 inch cold wax and oil painting on linen board - for sale at Etsy shop.

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  1. It took me more than three paintings to get used to the wax. You did a wonderful job with it here. It almost looks like she is moving