Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Carlie at the Beach

I really enjoyed painting the small version of this, so I bought a new support and gave i another try. This is a 16 x 16 inch acrylic on linen (oatmeal colored). Linen is very different from my usual masonite. Not sure what I think yet, but do like this version. Let me know what you think!!


  1. You have captured a tender moment between dog and owner. I really like your fresh brushstrokes. Your colors have created a nice harmony to your painting. I can almost hear the gentle waves on the seashore. Very nice painting! How do you like painting on linen?

  2. Carol, the jury is still out on the linen. I had used oils on linen before and had no problem but the acrylic was a challenge. I went on Wet Canvas (great art networking site) and got a suggestion of working the gesso in with a credit card. Took some great photos to paint from this weekend and have plenty of credit cards to make use of I will let you know. I do like this painting though. Thanks so much. Love your dog!!!

  3. What a great feel! Maybe because this was a " first", your not sure of it. But it looks free and light, like you had a great time!

    I think I like this one the best ( but I really also like your greyhound, and your purpose for selling it!).

  4. From another NC artist: conn-artist dot com
    You created a great blog and art. Dittos to the above comments as well.
    So you did jump into the deep end and bought an ad on facebook! I would love to know how that is working out. I tried to set it up and seemed too expensive.
    RE: painting above... I REALLY like how this is cropped! Is this the NEW painting or a detail of the larger? Honestly, it is really a great design as I can view it here!

  5. Constance, thanks for the kind words on my painting. I have done two paintings on this photo (Carlie at the Beach). One on masonite and the larger crop on linen. I did place an ad on facebook and it is expensive yet I did make a sale from it.

    I am very familiar with the Conn Artist shop in Hendersonville as I live in Hendersonville on weekends. Please email me at and maybe I can meet you at your shop one day!!!!